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Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India common engineering entrance examination of objective pattern which is conducted for admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country.

  •  All the students of India can appear for this examination. JEE-Mains score is must for every student to take admission in any Engineering college in India or in their respective state.
  •  More than14 Lakh student's appears for JEE-Mains.
  •  Syllabus based on NCERT and CBSE curriculum.
  •  90 Question {30 from Physics, 30 from Chemistry, 30 from Maths} are there in JEE Examination each question caring 4 Marks that makes total 360 Marks Paper.
  •  Approximately 8.79 Lakh students don't even manage to score 50 marks out of 360.
  •  JEE-Mains is conducted for taking admission mainly in NITs, Autonomous, Deemed Universities and other best Central and State Engineering colleges across India.
  •  JEE-Mains final list is prepared by compiling 12th boards % also. The following is the process of taking out %tile:


How to calculate %tile of JEE along with Boards Score:

EXAMPLE: A Candidate has scored 282 out of 300 marks (94%) in the PCM group in the board exam and has scored 50 marks in the JEE (mains) 2014 -Paper 1
The composite score shall be calculated as follows:


  •  Number of candidates appeared for JEE (mains) 2014- paper 1 -12,78,580
  •  Number of candidates who scored less than 50 marks in JEE (mains) 2014- paper 1 8,21,007
  •  Number of candidates who scored less than 50 marks in JEE (mains) 2014- paper 1 8,21,007
  •  Percentile= No of students scored with less than particular marks/total number of students appeared*100=(8, 21,007/12, 58,580)*100 = 64.21240751 percentage.


  •  Number of candidates appeared for std XII board exam with PCM group: 3,23,227
  •  Number of candidates who scored less than 282 marks in Std XII PCM group: 3,22,969
  •  Percentile = No of students with less than 282 marks (PCM)/ Total number of students appeared in the board exam * 100 = (3, 22,969/3, 23,227)*100 = 99.92017994


  •  0.5*JEE percentile + 0.5 * board percentile = =0.5 * 64.21240751 + 0.5 * 99.92017994

(NOTE: Figures mentioned by DTE in the example above are hypothetical and are given for understanding purpose only)


  • The percentile of marks and percentile are totally different entities hence the candidates should not confuse with the terms
  •  Percentage is a number out of 100
  •  Percentile score of candidate in a board of JEE (main) will reflect how many candidates have scored below that candidate in his/her board JEE (main) examination
  •  A percentile score is the value below which a certain percent of observations fall
  •  For example the 40th percentile is the value or score below which 40% of the observations may be found The composite score will be drawn from a 50:50 weight age to the percentile of marks obtained in the paper 1 of the JEE (main) 2014 and in the Std XII physics, chemistry, mathematics (PCM) group of the board exam. The formula for calculation of the normalized percentile and the composite score has been devised by the Indian Statistical Institute.


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